Dai Dower, Welsh flyweight boxer, Died at 83


David William “Dai” Dower was born on June 20, 1933, and died on August 1, 2016.

He was a British, Empire and European Flyweight boxing champion.

He was one of the most successful Welsh boxers of all time.

Following him becoming ABA Flyweight Champion Dower was selected for the team of Great Britain at the 1952 Summer Olympics in the boxing squad, recording victories over Abdelamid Boutefnouchet of France (3-0) and Leslie Donovan Perera Handunge of Ceylon (3-0) before finally losing to Soviet boxer Anatoli Bulakov, the holder of the Russian and European titles, 1-2.

During 1953 Dower turned professional and he made his professional debut at Maindy Arena in Cardiff against Vernon John.

He won by technical knockout.

He then beat Ron Hughes in two rounds before he was taken the distance for the first time, opposing the vastly more experienced Preston fighter Colin Clitheroe.

He had five wins out of five followed in 1956, restoring Dower’s career on its upward path.

Later on down in the year, Dower took a break from the ring when he joined the army to do his two years National Service.

Dai Dower passed away at 83 years old.