Czesław Szachnitowski, Polish painter, Died at 101

Czeslaw Szachnitowski was born on June 16, 1914, in Grudziadz, and died on November 15, 2015, in Grudziadz.

He was a Polish painter and teacher.

Czeslaw was also one of the founders of the Society for the Protection of Monuments.

He was an activist of the Catholic Intelligentsia Club, the Association of Polish Teachers and Grudziadz Planetarium and Observatory Astronomical

Szachnitowski was a lover of aviation.

Szachnitowski attended elementary school, then he graduated from high school and the State Teachers’ Seminary.

He was the president of the school circle of friends of aviation.

During World War II Czeslaw was in England at the time, where he joined the Armoured Cadet School in Yorkshire.

After returning home in 1946, he was a teacher in today’s II High School.

King John III Sobieski in Grudziadz. He taught drawing, and later, after completing his studies at the Higher School of Pedagogy in Gdansk also physics.

Czeslaw founded the airline circle connected to the airport Lisie Katy near Grudziadz. He was a board member of the Aero Club of Grudziądz.

He retired as a teacher in 1974.

After he still continued to teach at several schools until 1982 year.

He attended elementary school, and graduated from high school, classic and State Teachers’ Seminary, where he was president of the school circle of friends of aviation.

He was awarded the Medal of the National Education Commission and the Gold Medal of the Polish Teachers’ Union.

Czeslaw received the Gold Cross of Merit, Medal of Copernicus, badges for services to the sport aviation and the Aero Club and the Polish Astronomical Society.

In 2005, the Council of the City of Grudziadz gave him the title of Honorary Citizen of the City of Grudziadz.

The ceremony was held on October 16, 2005.

Czeslaw Szachnitowski passed away at 101.