Czechoslovak footballer, Tadeusz Kraus, Died at 86


Tadeusz Kraus was also known as Tadeáš Krau was born on October 22, 1932, in Třinec and died in October 2018.

He was a former international footballer.

Kraus represented Czechoslovakia.

His father Wilhelm was a metallurgist worker in Třinec Iron and Steel Works and also a footballer and activist in Siła Trzyniec, local Polish sport club.

His wife Anna, was a skilled gymnast who finished fourth at the 1956 Olympic Games.

Kraus grew up playing football by the Siła Trzyniec.

During 1951 Kraus left the club and went to the university in Prague.

Kraus became a player for several clubs and from 1955 played for Dukla Prague.

Then, he became apart of the Sparta Prague where he played for another 10 years, 4 years was a team captain.

Kraus then played for several other minor clubs and in 1971 started coaching.

During the 1970s and 1980s coached Cypriot club Aris Limassol for six years.

He was a player for Czechoslovakia national team (scoring 6 goals in 23 matches) and was a participant at the two World Cups, 1954 FIFA World Cup and 1958 FIFA World Cup.

Tadeusz Kraus passed away at 86 years old.


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