Cory Taylor, Australian writer, Died at 61


Cory Taylor was born in 1955, in Southport, Queensland, and died on July 2, 2016.

She was an Australian writer.

She lived in Fiji and Kenya as a child.

Taylor studied history at the Australian National University.

She then worked as a freelance film and television writer, including the 1988 two-part television film Alterations for the ABC.

Cory’s first books were the Rat Tales and Bandaged Bear series of children’s books.

Cory was diagnosed with melanoma in 2005.

She then turned to writing fiction and her 2011 debut novel, Me and Mr Booker, won the Commonwealth Book Prize for the Pacific Region in 2012.

Followed by, My Beautiful Enemy (2013), was nominated for the Miles Franklin Award.

As the illness worsened, Taylor wrote her last book Dying: A Memoir, which was published just before her death from melanoma-related brain cancer.

Cory Taylor passed away at 61 years old.