Cor Edskes, organ builder and restorer, died at 90

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Cor Edskes, born in 1925 and died on September 7, 2015.

He was one of the most important authorities on the history of organ building in Northern Europe.

He acted as the consultant for the restoration of many of Europe’s most important historical organs, including those in the Nieuwe Kerk (Amsterdam) and Roskilde Cathedral (both working with the firm Marcussen & Son).

He had a working relationship with the German organ builder J├╝rgen Ahrend that began in the 1950s, included the restoration of many organs in Germany and Holland, and culminated in the restoration of Arp Schnitger’s largest surviving organ at St. Jacobi, Hamburg.

Edskes was the major onscreen contributor to the documentary Martinikerk Rondeau, in which he details the history of organs in and around Groningen.