Constance Glube, Canadian judge, Died at 84


Constance R. Glube was born on November 23, 1931, in Ottawa and died on February 15, 2016.

She was the 21st Chief Justice of Nova Scotia and first female Chief Justice in Canada.

She attended the McGill University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1952.

During 1955, she graduated from Dalhousie Law School and was called to the bar in 1956.

In 1982, Constance was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

Constance was appointed Chief Justice of the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal, in 1998, which included the title of Chief Justice of Nova Scotia.

Constance Glube retired in June 2004 and was replaced by Michael MacDonald.

She was best known for was for an injunction to halt the Richard Inquiry into the Westray Mine disaster.

Constance Glube ordered, on November 13, 1992, that the Inquiry was illegal, because she viewed it as a criminal investigation that would force deponents to incriminate themselves.

Additionally, this was the first time in Canada a public inquiry was halted before any witnesses were heard.

Constance Glube ruling was overturned by the Nova Scotia Court of Appeals on January 19, 1993, but did delay the inquiry until all charges went through the court system first.

Constance Glube passed away at 84 yrs old.