Colin Fry

  Dead Famous

English Television personality and self-proclaimed medium Colin Fry died on the 25th of August 2015 from lung cancer at the age of 53.

Born on the 19th of May 1962,  he hosted a number of television programmes dealing with the supernatural, including Most Haunted, Psychic Private Eyes and 6ixth Sense with Colin Fry, produced by Living TV.

Psychic Private Eyes on the Zone Reality channel co-starred fellow psychics Tracy Higgs and Tony Stockwell and purported to conduct “real life psychic investigations into baffling murders and disappearances”.

Fry, who at one time performed under the stage name of “Lincoln”, was reportedly exposed in 1992 when, during a séance, the lights were unexpectedly turned on and he was seen holding a spirit trumpet in the air, which the audience had been led to believe was being levitated by spiritual energy.

Having undertaken intensive international touring, playing at 130-160 theatres worldwide every year, in 2011 it was decided to include more regional theatres allowing fans and followers to see Colin Fry Live, without the need of additional expense to travel to large cities.

Although Colin’s unique style of mediumship is inclusive in large auditoriums, within the more intimate theatres he feels that his live demonstrations are more up close and personal.

Colin has undertaken many international tour dates including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Finland and other European countries.

Colin Fry is considered by many, to be one of the world’s finest spiritualist mediums.

An extraordinary man, he tells the story of his early life where in coming to terms with his own spirit experiences in childhood, he has turned this round to benefit mankind.

Through the philosophy of Colin’s Trance guide Magnus we can find the answers to all our enquiries relating to ‘Life after Death’, which will highlight the fact that there is no such thing.

Born into a happy family, baby Colin began a normal upbringing, with his parents never suspecting that the small life they cradled in their arms carried within it such a special ability.

Fry previously spent two campaigns as a prep coach at Elsinore High School (Wildomar, Calif.) and Temecula Preparatory High School (Winchester, Calif.).

He was the pass game coordinator and also coached wide receivers and linebackers for a squad that won a share of the Sun Belt League championship at Elsinore in 2009 after spending the 2008 campaign coaching quarterbacks and defensive backs at Temecula Preparatory.

He defended his profession in 2008, telling The Independent: “I can only tell you that I know what I do is genuine, and the fame hasn’t changed the spiritual side of it.

The problem is, a lot of people confuse spirituality with piety. I’m not very patient with the ‘away with the fairies’ lot.”

6ixth Sense is a British television programme, shown on Living.

Hosted by Colin Fry, it features him giving psychic readings to members of the audience, and occasionally shows one-to-one readings with members of the public. Colin Fry was a good man who has touched the lives of many.