Clifford S. Perlman, American businessman, Died at 90


Clifford “Cliff” S. Perlman was born on March 30, 1926, and died on September 4, 2016.

He was an American entrepreneur and president and CEO of the Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas for over a decade.

Whilst he was in ownership, Perlman built thousands of additional rooms to what is the current Caesars Palace.

Prominent, Perlman, first introduced live sports and boxing to Las Vegas.

He also developed and built Caesar’s Tahoe, a 400-room hotel casino on the south shore of Lake Tahoe; Caesar’s Palace Atlantic City, a 500-room hotel/100,000 San Francisco casino complex; and Cove Haven and Paradise Stream in the Poconos, a hotel complex specializing in honeymoon suites with heart-shaped pools, bath tubs, and beds.

Cove Haven’s pre-tax profit increased from $1 million in 1972 to $32 million in 1982, under his leadership.

Along with his brother Stuart, they founded the international fast food franchise Lum’s and bought, sold, and operated an airline.

During 2007 Perlman was inducted into the Gaming Hall of Fame.

He spent his time between his residences in Beverly Hills and Miami, pirior to his death.

Clifford S. Perlman passed away at 90 years old.