Clare Hollingworth, British journalist, Died at 105

Clare Hollingworth was born on October 10, 1911, and died on January 10, 2017.

She was an English journalist and author.

Clare Hollingworth was the first war correspondent to report the outbreak of World War II, described as “the scoop of the century”.

During his rookie years, a reporter for The Daily Telegraph in 1939, she spotted German forces massed on the Polish border, while travelling from Poland to Germany.

Later, Clare Hollingworth helped rescue thousands of people from Hitler’s forces by arranging British visas.

Clare was the author of five books: The Three Weeks’ War in Poland (1940), There’s a German Right Behind Me (1945), The Arabs and the West (1950), Mao (1985), and her memoirs, Front Line (1990, updated with Neri Tenorio in 2005).

She was married twice.

Clare Hollingworth married Vandeleur Robinson in 1936 and they divorced in 1951.

Clare then married Geoffrey Hoare in 1951.

During 1965, G Hoare died.

She had a stepdaughter from her second marriage.

Clare Hollingworth passed away at 105 years old.