Christine Arnothy, Hungarian-French writer, died at 84

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Christine Arnothy, born in November 20, 1930 and died on October 6, 2015, Christine was a French writer.

Christine has written numerous books, including J’ai quinze ans et je ne veux pas mourir (1955) (‘I am Fifteen and I Do Not Want to Die’).

Christine eventually married Claude Bellanger (1909–1978). Christine was born in Budapest, Hungary.

J’ai quinze ans et je ne veux pas mourir is based on her diary, which recorded her experience as a teenager during the 1945 siege of Budapest.

Christine fled Hungary with her parents.

When she arrived in France, her diary was the only possession she still had.

The book was reviewed in Harper’s Magazine in 1956.

It received good reviews also from The Daily Express, The New York Times, Herald Tribune, San Francisco Examiner, Kirkus, L.A. Herald Express, Chicago Sunday Tribune and The Times.

Christine later published a sequel, It Is Not So Easy to Live, a second part which does not come from her journal but from her memory; she chronicles her escape via Vienna to Paris, where she eventually settled and married.

She also wrote a couple of detective stories under the pseudonym William Dickinson and many other books.

No one work has been so successful as J’ai quinze ans et je ne veux pas mourir, which has been considered by some authors (i.e.: Sándor Márai) as a masterpiece of the literature about the Second World War.

Christine Arnothy passed away on October 6, 2015.