Chris Hyndman, Canadian TV personality, Died at 49

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Dead, Chris Hyndman born March 3, 1966 and died August 3, 2015, he was a Canadian actor and television personality, who was co-host of the afternoon talk show Steven and Chris on CBC Television until his death in August 2015.

Hyndman and his husband Steven Sabados launched the interior design firm Sabados Group in 1992.

In addition to private clients, they did set design work for various television productions in the Toronto area, and later starred in the first three seasons of Designer Guys, a Canadian design show.

In 2003, Sabados and Hyndman debuted a new show with a similar format, titled Design Rivals, and more recently a makeover show called So Chic with Steven and Chris.

In 2009, Sabados and Hyndman appeared on CBC Kids with Mamma Yamma.