Chilean human rights activist, Ana González de Recabarren, Died at 93


Ana González González, more commonly known by her married name Ana González de Recabarren was born on July 25, 1925 and died on October 25, 2018.

He was a Chilean human rights activist.

Ana González was married to Manuel Segundo Recabarren Rojas and they had two youngsters, Luis Emilio (not to be mistaken for Luis Emilio Recabarren, author of the Socialist Workers’ Party) and Manuel Guillermo.

Her children and girl in-law Nalvia Rosa Mena Alvarado, around then pregnant, were captured and vanished by the Chilean government on 22-23 April 1976 by the Military fascism of Chile, at that point in its initial years.

In the wake of losing a substantial piece of her family, González joined the Association of Relatives of the Disappeared Detainees (AFDD) and wound up one of its essential pioneers nearby Sola Sierra, Viviana Díaz, and Clotario Blest.

Ana González took an interest in an appetite strike at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean home office in Santiago.

With Gabriela Bravo and Ulda Ortiz, González spoke to the AFDD at different global associations, for example, United Nations, Organization of American States, International Red Cross, International Commission of Jurists, the Holy See, and Amnesty International.

In 1996, González was the focal point of the Televisión Nacional de Chile-communicate narrative Quiero llorar a horses and in 2001 won the Premios Ondas for Ibero-America for the Best Program or Professional or Television Station.

In June 2000, she recorded a formal objection against Augusto Pinochet for the vanishing of her family 26 years earlier.

Ana González de Recabarren passed away at 93 years old.


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