Charles Shackleford, American basketball player, Died at 50


Charles Edward Shackleford was born on April 22, 1966, and died on January 27, 2017.

He was an American professional basketball player.

His position was as center, or a power forward, he was renowned for his rebounding – regularly leading leagues in Europe.

Shackleford played 6 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA), mostly as a bench player, intersected by seasons in Europe where he had more success.

Whilst off the court, he was involved in a number of controversies and legal issues.

He had been remembered for telling a reporter after a NC State basketball game that “I can shoot with my left hand, I can shoot with my right hand, I’m amphibious.

He was found dead at a residence in Kinston.

Charles Shackleford passed away at 50 years old.