Challakere Kareem Jaffer Sharief


Indian politician Challakere Kareem Jaffer Sharief was born on November 3, 1933, and died on November 25, 2018.

He was one of the seniormost Indian National Congress leaders.

Jaffer Sharief was the Railways Minister in the Government of India from 1991– 95.

He began his profession in the Indian National Congress under Nijalingappa.

After a split in the Congress, Jaffer Sharief took the side of Indira Gandhi.

As Railways serve, Jaffer Sharief was instrumental in check change of railroads in the state, where all or the greater part of the diverse measures of tracks were changed over to expansive checks, and in this way sparing Railways a ton of cash.

Jaffer Sharief was additionally instrumental in getting the Wheel and Axle Plant in Bangalore.

In 2012, he was found by the Supreme Court not guilty identifying with use on a trek to London for therapeutic treatment.

He had taken a few service authorities with him, which the court found was not improper.

Debasement allegations were leveled against him amid his residency as Railway Minister.

He lost three individuals from his family, with his more youthful child in 1999, his better half in 2008 and his senior child in 2009, three days before his race to Lok Sabha.

Challakere Kareem Jaffer Sharief passed away at 85 years old in Bengaluru on November 25, 2018.


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