Chaim Avrohom Horowitz, American Chasidic rabbi, Dead


Chaim Avrohom Horowitz died on June 24, 2016.

He was an American rabbi.

During 1985, Chaim became Bostoner Rebbe, Grand Rabbi of the Boston Jewish Hasidic sect, founded in 1915 by his grandfather Grand Rabbi Pinchas Duvid Horowitz, and named after his city, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Following the death of Rabbi Pinchas Duvid Horowitz in 1941 his eldest son, Rabbi Moshe Horowitz, 1909-1985, held the position of Bostoner Rebbe in New York until his death in 1985, following Chasidic tradition.

He was the eldest son of Grand Rabbi Moshe Horowitz, Rabbi Chaim Avraham Horowitz succeeded his father as the Bostoner Rebbe of New York.

He later founded the Bostoner community in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel, where he presently resides.

He was a composer of contemporary Chasidic music; many of his compositions were performed by leading Jewish music artists of the day.

Additionally, Andy Statman credits him with being a major influence in his musical career, having performed several of the Bostoner Rebbe’s compositions on his recordings and in concert.

During 1954, Rabbi Chaim Avraham Horowitz married Miriam Adler, daughter of Rebbe Elazar Adler of the Zvhil dynasty, who gave birth to their son Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak “Yankel” Horowitz in 1956.

He grew up in his maternal grandparent’s home in the West Hollywood section of Los Angeles, and now serves as rabbi of the Bostoner Shul in Lawrence, NY.

Horowitz was married to the daughter of Rabbi Yonah Hass in his second marriage.

The couple had one son, Rabbi Yisrael Yona Horowitz, and seven daughters.

Chaim Avrohom Horowitz passed away in 2016.