Cees Nicolai, Dutch military officer, Died at 68

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Cees Nicolai was born on October 29, 1947, in Oostvoorne, and died on November 2, 2015.

He was a Dutch military officer, The Chief of Staff of the UN Command in Bosnia.

Cees started his career in the military in 1965.

In March 1995 to September in the same year he had spent six years as chief of the UN command in Bosnia in Sarajevo.

Officials were unclear whether Nicolai can be held responsible for the lack of air support on request of Colonel Karremans in Srebrenica.

Cees was the liaison between the Dutchbat and the UN headquarters in Zagreb.

Cees appeared before the parliamentary committee of inquiry on November 15, 2002.

The commission investigated the reasons why Dutchbat had no air support, when the enclave was threatened by Serb forces of Ratko Mladic.

After Cees time in Bosnia, he became commander of the First Division 7 December.

In 1998 he was appointed commander of the Training Command of the Royal Army in Utrecht.

On September 23, 2004 after 39 years of service, he went with superannuation.

Cees Nicolai passed away at age 68 in November 2015