Cavit Sadi Pehlivanoglu, politician, Died at 88


Cavit Şadi Pehlivanoğlu was born in 1927, and died on November 21, 2015.
He was a Turkish statesman, who served as a legislator of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for three terms between 1961 an 1996, first as a member of Justice Party (Turkey) and then as the Vice President of Motherland Party (Turkey) that he founded together with Turgut Özal and others.
Cavit was elected from the province Ordu.
He held several positions within the parliament.
Both before and after his active political career, Cavit worked as an attorney at law and a business executive for various associations.
He was well known for his controversial actions and political speeches.
Cavit passed away on November 21, 2015, aged 88.