Carol Cuffy-Dowlat, Trinidadian politician and radio host, Died at 59

  Media, Politician

Carol Cuffy-Dowlat was born in 1957 and died on April 14, 2017.
She was an Trinidadian politician, attorney and radio host.
Cuffy-Dowlat served as a Government Senator for the United National Congress (UNC) in the 5th Republican Parliament in November 1995.
During May 1996, Cuffy-Dowlat became Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Housing and Settlements.
She ended her term in 2000, and in 2006 she joined the Congress of the People (COP) party, which had split from the UNC, unsuccessfully contesting two elections for the COP.
He died at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mount Hope.
Carol Cuffy-Dowlat passed away at 59 years old.