Carol Burns, Australian actress, Died at 68


Carol Burns was born on October 29, 1947, and died on December 22, 2015.

She was an Australian actress and patron of the arts.

Carol worked extensively in film, television and theatre in Australia and in the United Kingdom.

In Australia, Carol was an original founder of the Queensland Theatre Company.

Carol was an original cast member as Franky Doyle in serial Prisoner (known internationally as Prisoner: Cell Block H) during the first season in 1979, and although she only appeared in the first 20 episodes, she became a major breakout and much loved character, and gained a major cult status as a fan favorite.

Born and raised in Brisbane, Queensland, Carol attended Milton State Primary School, where her initiation into the world of theatre began with speech and drama classes in 1958.

She acted with Brisbane Arts Theatre and also the Twelfth Night Theatre, where she also tutored within the junior drama workshops, in Brisbane.

Carol Burns was married to Alan Lawrence, a musician and composer, for 36 years.

Carol Burns passed away on December 22, 2015, after a brief cancer illness at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane at the age of 68.