Carmen Contreras-Bozak, American World War II veteran, Died at 97


Carmen Contreras-Bozak (birth name: Carmen Contreras Torres) was born on December 31, 1919, and died on January 30, 2017.

She was the first Hispanic to serve in the U.S. Women’s Army Corps (WAC) where she served as an interpreter and in numerous administrative positions.

She was the oldest of three siblings born and raised in the town of Cayey, Puerto Rico, located in the central mountains of the island.

Carmen received her primary education in Cayey.

Carmen’s parents divorced and her mother, Lila Baudilia Lugo Torres, moved the family to New York City.

She lived for many years in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

While she was there, Carmen worked at the post office, as a real estate broker.

Carmen started a chapter of WAC Veterans and in 1998 founded a chapter of the Society of Military Widows.

Contreras-Bozak moved to Tampa where she resided until her death in January 2017 at the age of 97.

Contreras-Bozak was buried in the Arlington National Cemetery, next to her husband Theodore John Bozak, in Washington, D.C..

Carmen Contreras-Bozak passed away at 97 years old.