Carlos Oroza, Spanish poet, Died at 92


Carlos Oroza was born on May 13, 1923, and died on November 20, 2015.

He was a Spanish poet who was born in Viveiro.

Carlos is known mainly for the interpretation and performance of his own work.

Such work is rare and composed of free verses with a great preponderance of strength and rhythm.

Carlos is upon all a great reciter.

His poetry is, as music, mainly to be heard because Oroza is a lover of orality, ‘the loudness of the words’ as he says.

Carlos considers books a ‘cemetery of signs’.

He is also considered a wicked poet and an alchemyst.

In the 1960s when he was living in Madrid, Carlos became famous in the literary-poetic environment of the Café Gijón (es:Café Gijón), oasis of national coexistence, culture and contra cultural movements during Franco’s dictatorship.

Carlos passed away at age 92 in November 2015.