Carlos Loyzaga, Filipino Olympic basketball player, Died at 85


Carlos M. Loyzaga was born on August 29, 1930, and died January 27, 2016.

He was a Filipino basketball player and coach.

He was the dominant basketball player in the Philippines between the 1950s and the early 1960s.

Carlos was a two-time Olympian (1952, 1956), as a member of the Philippines men’s national basketball team.

Mr.Carlos Loyzaga learned to play basketball on the streets in the neighborhood TERVALAC (Teresa Valenzuela Athletic Club) basketball courts in Teresa Street, Santa Mesa, Manila.

That was the very same TERVALAC court where he was discovered by Gabby Fajardo, one of the Philippines’ leading coaches of the time.

Gabby Fajardo saw signs in Loyzaga and offered to train Loyzaga for his junior PRATRA (Philippine Relief and Trade Rehabilitation Administration) team.

Carlos Loyzaga quit high school to play for PRATRA, winning the MICAA junior crown that year, in 1949.

Carlos Loyzaga passes away at 85 yrs old.