Carlos Cano, Peruvian actor, Died at 60,


Carlos Cano de la Fuente was born on October 3, 1955 and died on December 23, 2015.

He was the first player Peruvian and producer of theater, film and television.

Carlos Cano was married to actress Patricia Frayssinet.

The couple had 3 children, actors Alonso Cano, Carolina Cano and Rodrigo Cano.

Carlos Cano work includes films such as; Carmine (1985) and Arabic, ‘Those on top and bottom (1995), One and the Other (1995) and Alvaro Quesada, Tribes of the Street (1996), ‘Perricholi (2011) and Pedro Bravo de Rivera.

Others also includes, Avenida Peru (2013) and Roger Imaña Conchan, (Series includes) Tupac Amaru (1984), César Vallejo (1986), Process (1986), Raymondi by Routes of Peru (1989), Perricholi (1992), Bolero (1993), Under the Same Sky (1997), Sarita Colonia (2001) as Sergeant Noriega, The lighthouse (2003), That’s life (2004-2005) as Leopoldo “Polo” Polar, Condominium SA (2006) and Mario Rossi, From your chair (2006-2007), Blue Devils (2007-2008) as Javier Aguilar, and many more.

Carlos Cano passed away at 60 yrs old