Carlos Alvarez-Novoa, Spanish actor, died at 75

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Carlos Alvarez-Novoa Sanchez, born in 1940 in La Felguera and died September 23, 2015, he was a Spanish theatre director, writer, actor and lecturer.

Carlos won the 2000 Goya award for Best New Actor for his performance as Vecino.

The actor who gave life to a lonely and affable elder in Solas, the film that propelled the Andalusian cinema, settled in Seville in 1963 and, from there, became a solid pillar for the Andalusian theater as evidenced by his 14 pages curriculum in such important awards as Tirso de Molina Theatre Award 1999 for his work happen The Rokeby Venus, or the Union of Actors of 2009 for his performance in the stage production of Blood Wedding.

“My profession is that of actor. Occasionally turn and when I can, writing Writing has always accompanied me, is a commitment to myself that I have a facility which, I believe, should not be missed,” said Carlos Alvarez-Novoa (La Felguera, Asturias, 1940) to this newspaper in May last year, when adulterers premiered in Seville, one of the many works written since 1960.

Coherent, as has always been his duty-and devotion, led him to engage a project with another. Carlos never had even the slightest intention of retiring.

And his determination attest the amount of projects that participated in recent years, as the self-production of the film light with time inside, on the life and work of Juan Ramon Jimenez, who was released last March and in which he gave life to the poet of Moguer.

“It was a great man of culture and a deeply sensitive (…) human being I feel much affinity with my character and I left completely captivated by him,” the actor during the shooting of the film in Seville.

One of his last roles was in the movie The Bride, a story directed by Paula Ortiz and Blood Wedding inspired which opens Wednesday at the Film Festival in San Sebastian.

Besides participating in the television series The ministry of time and Carlos, King Emperor , which brings to life Leonardo da Vinci, a good character to close the race who has always been a good and essential actor.

Carlos Alvarez-Novoa died at age 75 on September 23, 2015.