Calvin Wynter, American comedy producer, Died at 55


Calvin Wynter died on October 29, 2015.

Calvin was best known on the Fringe for co-producing the original Green Room live shows with Paul Provenza, before it was turned into a TV show for America’s Showtime network.

It is one of 130 productions Calvin had brought to the festival, including Rick Shapiro’s acclaimed debut in 2007 and shows from Earl Okin, Janey Godley, David Mulholland and Jessica Delfino.

Mr Wynter has promoted shows at the Adelaide Fringe and ran the New York fringe venue45 Bleecker Theatre.

For a short time Calvin ran the Green Room venue in Edinburgh, which is now the Tonic at The Mash House.

Calvin was formerly a Wall Street high-flyer, having been a successful executive at Lehman brothers and Merril Lynch, but quit at the age of 40 to become an actor, singer and dancer, before moving into production.

Wynter was also an active campaigner for various causes.

He campaigned for the New York-based production company, Inbrook was linked to anti-corporate campaigns.

Calvin was also an advocate for HIV/Aids charities and the Guide Right Program worked with young black people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

His funeral was held at Cobbs Funeral Home in East Elmhurst, Queens, New York.

Calvin Wynter recently underwent oral surgery to remove a benign lesion on his jaw.

Calvin Wynter passed away at 55 yrs of age.