Bulcsú László, Croatian linguist, Died at 93

  Educator, Media

Bulcsú László was born on October 9, 1922, in Cakovec and died on January 4, 2016.

He was the Croatian ‘s linguist, translator and informationist.

He spoke about 40 languages.

Bulcsu known as a great fighter against foreign words (especially anglizam and Balkan words) in the Croatian language, “Croatian Sulek our days ‘S. Babic’.

László work and influenced by the appearance of new generations of Croatian linguists released misleading mladogramatičarske (“mladoslovničarske”) linguistic school.

He electrical engineering in Budapest, at the University of Zagreb studied Slavic Studies and graduated in 1952.

Then for a while, he worked as a professor in Sinj High School.

From there on he went “to the source CRPA West exemplary speech for the heroic Cetina refugees from under the Ottoman oppression donieše”.

While he was a student and assistant Stephen Ivšić and connoisseur of many language, since 1955, Bulcsu was employed at the Faculty of Philosophy, where until his retirement (1993) and later, at different departments, taught Slavic Studies, rusistiku, general linguistics and Informatology.

Bulcsu taught Slavic studies at universities in the United States are ( Indiana University, University of Chicago, Yale University,

He gained his PhD in 1986 at the University of Chicago on the topic An Information Science Approach to Slavic accentology.

Bulcsu also worked on algebraic linguistics ,  he was one of the pioneers of machine translation and innovating linguistic studies; at Zagreb’s University devised informatics in humanities areas and among the first computer started Processing Croatian texts.

He has been a driving force of the Zagreb linguistic circle (in the beginning: The circle of young Slavists) a crucial influence on the shape of Croatian linguistics.

He founded a two-year program of social and humanistic informatics and four-year study of Information Science at the Faculty of Philosophy and was head of the Department and the Head of the Department.

From the year 1992, the foundation and the Department of algebraic and computational linguistics at the Department of Linguistics until his retirement, in 1993, he became her superior.

However after his retirement, he continued to teach part-time at the Department of Linguistics and Oriental Studies (since 2000, the Department of Linguistics).

Bulcsú László passed away at 93 yrs old.