Bryce Rohde, Australian jazz pianist, composer, Died at 92


Bryce Benno Rohde was born on September 12, 1923, in Hobart, Tasmania and died on January 26, 2016.

He was an Australian jazz pianist and composer.

Bryce was strongly influenced by George Russell’s musical conceptions.

Rohde jazz player in Adelaide early in his career then moved to Canada in 1953.

In 1954, himself and two other émigré plus an American formed the Australian Jazz Quartet/Quintet.

The newly formed group recorded various albums and toured widely in the United States.

The Group formally split in 1958 following a tour of Australia itself.

Rohde started his own quartets in Australia until 1964, and in 1965 relocated to California.

Then later, on he based himself out of San Francisco, managing his own ensembles at times.

Other Australian musicians with whom he worked largely are Bruce Cale and Charlie Munro.

Bryce Rohde passed away at 92 yrs old.