Brian Lomax, founder and MD of the Supporters Direct movement, Dead at 67

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Brian Lomax died on November 2, 2015.

He was the founder and MD of the Supporters Direct movement.

He attended Cambridge university.

Brian had created the first supporters trust in 1992 to help save Northampton from a financial crisis and in 1999 went one step further when Supporters Direct was founded to enable fans to take stakes in their clubs and he became its managing director.

He had celebrated with the Division, when he received Three play-off trophy after Northampton Town won promotion at Wembley in 1997.

He was the first managing director of Supporters Direct.

Brian stepped down as its chairman in 2009.

Brian also served as a Liberal Democrat councillor on Daventry District Council.

He left behind his wife of 43 years, Catherine, by Emily, and his grandson Harvey, Edmund’s son.

Brian Lomax passed away at 67 yrs old.