Brazilian politician, Marielle Franco, Died at 38


Marielle Franco was born on July 27, 1979, and died on March 14, 2018.
She was a Brazilian politician, feminist, sociologist and human rights activist.
Marielle Franco served as a member of the Municipal Chamber of Rio de Janeiro, for the left-wing Socialism and Liberty Party (PSOL) from January 2017 to March 2018.
Franco was raised in Maré, a slum in Rio de Janeiro, where she also resided.
In the 2016 elections, Franco received 46,500 votes.
Franco had been an outspoken critic of the police in Rio de Janeiro.
Franco and her driver, Anderson Pedro Gomes, were fatally shot in an apparent assassination in downtown Rio de Janeiro, on 14 March 2018,
Franco’s death inspired coordinated protests in at least 10 Brazilian cities.
Marielle Franco passed away at 38 years old.