Branse Burbridge, British WWII fighter pilot, Died at 95


Wing Commander Bransome Arthur “Branse” Burbridge was born on February 4, 1921, and died in November 2016.

He was a Royal Air Force (RAF) night fighter pilot.

He was flying ace—a pilot credited with at least five enemy aircraft destroyed—who holds the Allied record of 21 aerial victories achieved at night during the Second World War.

He completed his training within a year and was posted to No. 85 Squadron RAF and claimed only one probable claim against enemy aircraft with a further damaged by the end of 1942.

He was then posted to an Operational Training Unit (OTU) as an instructor before spending a year as a staff officer.

During July 1943 he had reached the rank of flight lieutenant.

Branse Burbridge passed away 95 years old.