Brandon Carlisle, American punk rock drummer, Died at 37


Brandon Carlisle died on November 7, 2015, he was found unresponsive in his apartment earlier this week on November 3, 2015.

Earlier this week, Teenage Bottlerocket drummer Brandon Carlisle was found unconscious and rushed to the hospital, where after having his heart restarted multiple times, he fell into a coma.

Now, Teenage Bottlerocket vocalist/guitarist and Brandon’s twin brother Ray Carlisle has announced that Brandon will not make it.

He was taken off life support in the early hours of November 7, 2015.

The band released a statement regarding the situation on their Instagram page, letting fans know that an MRI revealed “he is no longer with us” and that “his family and loved ones are with him as they prepare to take him off life support and let him gently move on.”

Having launched a campaign to raise donations to support Carlisle, the band is touched by what their fans have been able to do.

Teenage Bottlerocket bassist Miguel Chen also reflected on the passing of his friend and bandmate, saying, “BranBran did everything with his whole heart, he really lived his life on purpose.

What a blessing he was to everyone whose life he touched… I love you Brandon, my life has been so amazing because you were a part of it.”

Brandon Carlisle passed away at age 37 in November 2015.