Bogdan Enache, Romanian drummer, Goodbye to Gravity dead


Bogdan Enache died on November 8, 2015

He was a Romanian drummer for the band Goodbye to Gravity.

Sometime in 2011, Andrei Galut (vocalist), along with three members of Thunderstorm, namely Mihai Alexandru (guitar), Bogdan Enache (drums), Vlad Telea (guitarist), Alex Pascu (bass) and Andrei Galut (vocalist) started a metal project entitled Goodbye to Gravity.

The first ever album had the name of the band called “Goodbye to Gravity” was released in 2012.

He passed away due to a fire that broke out at the Colectiv nightclub during a concert by the heavy metal group, after a spark from a pyrotechnics show ignited foam decor.

The groups two guitarists passed away a week before from injuries from the same fire.

Bogdan Enache passed away on November 8, 2015.