Bogdan Chruścicki, Polish sports journalist, Died at 69

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Bogdan Chruścicki, born October 16, 1946, and died October 16, 2015 in Warsaw.

Bogdan was a Polish sports journalist.

Bogdan Chruscicki careers in journalism began in 1967.

In 1970, he moved to the “Banner of Youth”, where he was taken to the sports department.

Bogdan also wrote in “Voice of Labour”.

Since 1977 he has been employed in the “Polish Radio” as a sports journalist.

As an employee of the Sports Editors, among others, he reported PR Olympic Games in Lake Placid (1980), Moscow (1980), Sarajevo (1984), Los Angeles (1984) (he was one of three Polish journalists accredited for the Olympics), Calgary (1988), Seoul (1988), Albertville (1992), Barcelona (1992), Lillehammer (1994), Atlanta (1996) and Nagano (1998).

In November 1980 Bogdan wrote the so-called relationship. “Affair at Okecie”.

After leaving the Polish radio in 2000, winter sports commentary on Eurosport.

Bogdan was also the editor in chief, published since 2000, “The Chronicles of Polish Sports” and the author of books about sports.

Bogdan passed away in October 2015 at age 69.