Bobby Breen, Canadian-born American actor and singer, Died at 88

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Isadore Borsuk was born on November 4, 1927, and died on September 19, 2016.

He was better known as Bobby Breen.

He was a Canadian-born American actor and singer.

Bobby Breen was a popular male child singer during the 1930s and reached major popularity with film and radio appearances.

In 1935, he went to Hollywood, where he received singing lessons from a vocal coach. Film producer Sol Lesser, who had discovered Jackie Coogan, signed Breen to RKO Radio Pictures.

At the same time, Bobby Breen became a regular performer on Eddie Cantor’s weekly radio show in 1936, where his talents as a boy soprano were appreciated by the listeners.

Before to the release of his first motion picture, Let’s Sing Again, he was compared to other child stars of the era such as Freddie Bartholomew and Shirley Temple.

His vocalist abilities, was described as a combination of Allan Jones, Nelson Eddy and Al Jolson.

Bobby Breen’s debut saw him being top-billed with Henry Armetta as his co-star.

Bobby sang La donna รจ mobile, among other songs, in the movie.

When he was discharging from the army in 1946, he initially struggled to find work as he returned to show business. He did some theatre work.

During November 1948, Bobby went missing while on a private flight from Waukesha, Wisconsin to Hayward, Missouri.

There was Several planes went searching for him for one-and-a-half days before it was discovered that he had been staying at a hotel anonymously without telling anyone.

Breen was fined 300 U.S. dollars.

Breen married fashion model Jocelyn Lesh on November 9, 1952.

They couple had a son.

Then he married the president of the City of Hope National Medical Center Audrey Howard around 1962.

Bobby lived with his family in Tamarac, Florida, and worked as the owner/operator of Bobby Breen Enterprises, a local talent agency.

From the starting in 2002, Breen made occasional concert appearances.

Bobby Breen passed away at 88 years old.