Bob Oatley, Australian Businessman , Died at 87


Robert “Bob” Oatley was born in 1928, in Sydney, New South Wales and died January 10, 2016.

He was an Australian businessman, winemaker and yachtsman.

Mr Oatley was best known for owning the five-time Sydney to Hobart-winning yacht Wild Oats XI.

Robert had bought Hamilton Island, Queensland in 2003 for $200 million.

Bob was also responsible for the Rosemount winery, which he established in 1969.

Oatley was married and had three children.

Bob came from a descendant of clock maker James Oatley.

His granddaughter is equestrian Lyndal Oatley.

Robert “Bob” Oatley was given an Officer of the Order of Australia, in 2014,

Bob Oatley passed away at 87 yrs old due to the aftermath of an illness on 10 January 2016.