Blackie Gejeian, American race car driver and hot rod builder, Died at 90

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Michael Gejeian was born on June 24, 1926, and died on September 2, 2016.

He was nicknamed “Blackie”.

He was a race car driver, race car builder, and hot rod enthusiast.

He was considered an “Industry Legend”,

He was the organizer of the Autorama, one of the largest custom car shows in North America, held annually in Fresno, California.

Blackie’s first car was built in 1945 and became the fastest in Fresno.

It was painted in black, he called this first car “Blackie”, which would ultimately earn him his nickname.

But, this car would ultimately crash in a race in 1948.

He rebuilt the roadster as a show car and renamed it “Shish Kebob”.

The undercarriage he created for the car was the first undercarriage made of chrome.

Blackie also started the tradition of placing a mirror beneath the car when showcased.

That particular car earned the title “Best of Show” at Gene Winfield’s show.

Which was named World’s Most Beautiful Roadster by the Oakland Grand National Roadster Show, during 1955.

Togther George Barris with Mike “Blackie” Gejeian attended the 64th Grand National Roadster Show in Los Angeles

Blackie Gejeian, along with George Barris, Richard Peters, then built the Ala Kart.

The chassis work was done Peters and Gejeian at their Fresno, California shop, while the body and styling was by Barris.

The Kart has won more than 200 trophies and became America’s most beautiful roadster twice in 1958 and again in 1959.

Then, Gejeian became a NASCAR dirt track champion five times.

He died in Fresno, California, U.S.

Blackie Gejeian passed away at 90 years old.