Birman Cat


Also known as the Sacred cats of Burma, Birman is a domestic cat breed with long hair, colour pointed, that is distinguished by the silky coat, eyes being deep blue and having a contrast while glove on each paw.


With varieties in the story behind their origin, these beautiful breeds were officially recognised in France in 1925. After their migration to Europe, Birmans ancestry in England and France can be traced.


These middle of the road cats, are of course the result of the variations among the breed. They tend to be as active as any shorthaired brethren or as relaxed as their longhaired counterparts.


These loving cats, often prefer to sit beside their owner, care-taker or that affectionate person they’re comfortable with. Sometimes, you can see these breeds on human’s lap, or at the head of humans early hours of the day.


These soft spoken cats, would let you know if they feel you’re less providing your attention to them with a scratch behind the ears or with a major hug. They’ll let you know when they are in need of your attention, may few hours or days, they’ll let you know if they think you’re paying insufficient attention to them. These cats, help you a lot while reading a newspaper. They lay in middle of a news paper, allowing you to pick them first before touching the news paper.


Being almost wiped out in World War 2, there were only two cats alive of this breed in Europe at the end of the world war, both belonging to Baudoin Corevoiser family. The foundation of this breed in post war in France was by the off-spring of these two. But heavy cross breeding of these with long hair breed was required to rebuild this almost extinct variety of Feline.


Birmans are medium sized cats having a rectangular body with broad face and different Roman nose. With medium furr and silk like structure, these cat breeds are less prone to matting since they’ve no undercoat and hence frequent grooming isn’t required much. 

Birman Cat

Birman Cat

They’re never fussy with regards to their diet. The healthier you serve them; the naughtier they’re with you. With colour of the coat being pointed, the trademark of these feline breeds is those symmetrical gloves on each paw.


These cats enjoy companionship and can less stay alone at home, the reason being, these are social animals, and if their human companion steps out leaving these little ones for more time, these start getting into a lonely state. Apart from humans, Birman’s get along well with other pet animals, be it any other variety of cat, a moggy or a dog.


It’s believed that owners of Birman’s follow a process in naming these cat varieties. While assigning all kittens born in a particular year, Birman breeders follow the French tradition in naming them with names beginning with the same letter of the alphabet.


These conventions breeders are found in Canada, USA, UK, France and NewZealand. For instance kiitens born in the year 2013 were named with letters bgining K and 2014 with L and so on.


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