Beryl Renwick, radio broadcaster, Died at 89

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Beryl Renwick was born in 1926 and died on September 11, 2015.

She was a radio broadcaster.

After picking up the best entertainment show award, they became celebrities, appearing on the BBC’s One Show, and featured in newspapers and on radio stations around the world.

Beryl met Reeves in 2006 during a tour of the station.

The radio show broadcaster was the oldest winners of the prestigious radio industry award.

Beryl has worked as an conductor on Hull’s trolley buses and as an assistant in a department store, before meeting Smith at a lunch club in 1999.

She won a Sony Radio Award in 2012 along with co-presenter Betty Smith and the show’s presenter and producer David Reeves.

Beryl Renwick passed away at 89 yrs old on September 11, 2015.