Ben Speer, American musician, Died at 86

Ben Lacy Speer was born on June 26, 1930, in Double Springs, Alabama and died on April 7, 2017.

He was a singer, musician, music publisher, and record company executive.

Speer sang for The Speer Family for most of his career.

Later, he became the music director of the Gaither Homecoming programs.

He was the youngest child of Lena and G.T. Speer (affectionately known as “Mom” and “Dad” Speer to most people in Southern gospel music), who originally led the group, with Speer’s siblings Brock Speer, Mary Tom Speer, and Rosa Nell Speer also participating.

Ben died after suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Ben Speer passed away at 86 years old.