Belgian composer, songwriter and music producer Wim Claes, Died at 56

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Wim Claes was born on 29 June 1961 and died on 24 February 2018.

He was a Belgian composer, arranger, and music producer.

As a songwriter, Wim Claes was mostly known for “Like The Wind”, Belgium’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1999, sung by Vanessa Chinitor.

Wim Claes was also a member of the Eurodance group DJ Peter Project.

His song “Like the Wind”, finished seventh in the contest and reached no 3 in the Belgian charts, was performed in English, in accordance with new rules introduced that year.

His other successful co-written by Claes included “Oui oh oui” and “Lilali”, both sung by Kim Kay, which reached no 15 and no 4 respectively in the Belgian charts.

Wim Claes passed away at 56 years old.