Banda Jyothi, Indian comedian and actress, Dead


Jyothi Patnaik/Banda Jyothi died on February 28, 2016.

She was an Indian comedian and actress.

Banda Jyothi played minor comedienne roles in at least half a dozen Telugu films.

Banda Jyothi was a native of Vijayawada.

Banda Jyothi played roles alongside well-known comedians A.V. Subrahmaniam (AVS) and M. S. Narayana.

She has spent over a decade in the acting business in the film industry.

Jyothi acted in Vijayaramaraju, Kalyana Ramudu, Swayamvaram, Andagadu, Bhadrachalam and Ganesh.

She died of heart attack at her house in Chitrapuri colony near Nanakramguda.

Banda Jyothi passed away in February 2016.