Bairbre Dowling, Irish actress, Died at 62


Bairbre Dowling/Barbara Patricia Dowling was born on March 27, 1953, in Dublin and died January 2016.

He was an Irish actress.

Bairbre was the daughter of actor Vincent Dowling and actress Brenda Doyle, who died in a car crash in 1981.

The actress has three sisters, Louise, Valerie, and Rachel, and a step-brother, Cian.

Bairbre Dowling was married from 1977 to 1994 to actor Colm Meaney, with whom she had a daughter, Brenda, in 1989.

Bairbre Dowling worked along with her husband in the PBS television, film, Playboy of the Western World in 1983, in John Huston’s 1987 film The Dead, and in the 1994 drama, War of the Buttons.

Her filmography includes Zardoz 1974, Cry of the Innocent 1980 television film, Playboy of the Western World 1983 television film, The Long Journey Home 1987 television film, The Dead 1987, War of the Buttons 1994, Changing Habits 1997 ER and many more.

Bairbre Dowling passed away at 62 yrs old.