Azerbaijani football player and manager, Boyukagha Hajiyev, Died at 59


Boyukagha Hajiyev was born on April 20, 1958, and died on March 16, 2018.

He was an Azerbaijani professional footballer and football manager.

Hajiyev began playing football at Araz Nakhchivan, which took part in Soviet Second League.

During 1999, he was appointed as a head coach of Araz Nakhchivan but the club was dissolved a year later due to the financial difficulties, and Hajiyev went to Iran and for a couple of years worked at Machine Sazi, initially as head coach assistant position, and after Vagif Sadygov resign as a head coach.

Hajiyev has also managed another Tabriz side Tractor Sazi for a one-season

Boyukagha Hajiyev worked in Azerbaijan national football team, assisting Vagif Sadygov, during 2005,

During 2006, Boyukagha Hajiyev returned to Azerbaijan and worked as president consultant at FC Baku, however at the end of the 2005-06 season FC Baku head coach Asgar Abdullayev was sacked, and Hajiyev accepted the team as a caretaker.

Boyukagha Hajiyev won all last 8 games consecutively, bringing the team the first championship title ever.

During a press conference upon Europa League in 2014, Hajiyev said, “I’m an encyclopedia. I will open the chest, pour the cotton”, which resulted in the media dubbing him “The Encyclopedia.

During February 2018 Hajiyev suffered a heart attack which left him hospitalized, before passing away a month later.

He died at 59 years old.