Austrian Holocaust survivor, Rudolf Gelbard, Died at 87


Rudolf Gelbard was born on December 4, 1930 and died on October 24, 2018.

He was an Austrian Holocaust survivor and political campaigner against anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism.

He addressed in schools and colleges about his encounters amid the Holocaust, and furthermore showed up in a 2007 narrative film about his experiences.

Rudolf Gelbard was conceived in Vienna, Austria, and lived in the Leopoldstadt locale.

His folks were Jewish.

After the Anschluss, in which Germany took control of Austria, Gelbard was prohibited from his school due to his Jewish heritage.

Gelbard saw direct the Nazi oppression of Jewish amid Kristallnacht.

In 1942, Gelbard and his folks were transported to the Theresienstadt death camp.

19 of Gelbard’s family kicked the bucket at Theresienstadt, however Gelbard made due as he was in the youngsters’ area of the camp.

Geldard was hitched twice.

The girl from his first marriage kicked the bucket in 1972 matured 17.

His second marriage started in 1990, and endured until his passing.

Rudolf Gelbard passed away at 87 years old.


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