Australian writer, Peter Nicholls, Died at 78


Peter Nicholls was born on March 8, 1939, and died on March 6, 2018.

He was an Australian literary scholar and critic.

He was the creator and a co-editor of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction with John Clute.

Nicholls spent two decades (from 1968 to 1988) as an expatriate, first in the US, and then the UK.[

His early career was as a literary academic, originally with the University of Melbourne. He first traveled to the US in 1968 on a Harkness Fellowship in filmmaking and has scripted television documentaries.

Nicholls’ significant contributions to science fiction scholarship and criticism began in 1971 when he became the first Administrator of the Science Fiction Foundation (UK), a position he held until 1977.

Nicholls was editor of its journal, Foundation: The Review of Science Fiction, from 1974–1978

Peter was the father of five children.

Nicholls’ daughter is an author and editor, Sophie Cunningham.

Nicholls lived in Melbourne with his wife, Clare Coney, where he died on 6 March 2018 at the age of 78

He died at 78 years old.