Australian political activist, Zelda D'Aprano, Died at 90

Zelda Fay D’Aprano was born on 24 January 1928 and died on 21 February 2018.
She was a feminist activist living in Melbourne, Victoria.
She grew up in an Orthodox Jewish household, but her mother became a communist when D’Aprano was still a child, prompting D’Aprano to become one herself in later years.
Zelda D’Aprano was married at 16 to Charlie D’Aprano but divorced after twenty-one
Zelda D’Aprano had a child when she was 17, a daughter named Leonie.
Zelda D’Aprano joined the Communist Party in 1950 and was a member until 1971.
He was inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women in 2001.
He passed away at 90 years old.