Attila Özdemiroğlu, Turkish composer, Died at 73


Attila Özdemiroğlu was born on January 5, 1943, and died on April 20, 2016.

He was a Turkish composer and arranger.

Attila Özdemiroğlu was best known for his award-winning film scores in the 1970s and 1980s.

Özdemiroğlu got interested in playing music already in his early years.

Attila took private lessons on violin when he was age eight.

He learned how to play many different musical instruments such as flute, vibraphone, double bass and trombone, he participated at music events during his high school and university years.

In 1966, Özdemiroğlu relocated to Istanbul and joined the music band Durul Gence 5. Later, Özdemiroğlu played in several other music groups and also for Turkish pop stars like Ajda Pekkan, Nilüfer, Kayahan and Sezen Aksu.

His compositions, Pet’r Oil, was selected for Turkey’s entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1980, where he conducted the orchestra himself.

He was awarded five times for his film scores at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival[2] and twice at the Adana Golden Boll Film Festival.

Other than music, he was one of the co-founders of the first Internet Service Provider in Turkey together with Riza Nur Pacalioglu and Tony Yustein.

Attila Özdemiroğlu passed away at 73 yrs old.