Ashraf Pahlavi, Persian princess, Died at 96

Princess Ashraf Pahlavi was born on October 26, 1919, in Tehran, Persia and died on January 7, 2016, in New York, United states.

She was the twin sister of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran (Persia) and a member of the Pahlavi Dynasty.

She mostly resided in France after 1979 revolution.

Princess Ashraf Pahlavi was the oldest living member of her family.

Following the Iranian Revolution, the princess has kept an extremely low profile and, with the exception of a memoir published in the mid-1990s, has not made any public appearances or granted interviews since 1981.

She worked with the United Nations as the Iranian delegate to the Commission on Human Rights as well as the Economic and Social Council, in 1967.

Her involvement in 1953 coup against Mossadegh was wide-spread.

Princess Ashraf was the Honorary President of Red Lion and Sun Organization, in 1944, the Chairwoman of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, in 1965 she was also Iranian delegate to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, in 1967, the Chairwoman of the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights, in 1970, a Member of the Consultative Committee of International Women’s Year Conference, 1975
President of the Women’s Organization Of Iran, 1967–1979 and the Chairwoman of the Imperial Foundation for Social Services.

She was married several times and had children.

Ashraf Pahlavi passed away at 96 yrs old.