Arthur W. Walker, South African Air Force helicopter pilot, Died at 63


Major Arthur Walker was February 1953, Johannesburg and died on March 28, 2016.

He was a South African Air Force helicopter pilot.

He was twice awarded the Honoris Crux Gold decoration during the South African Border War. T

Arthur W. Walker Honoris Crux Gold was the highest military award for bravery awarded to members of the South African Defence Force.

Arthur W. Walker enroled from King Edward VII School in Johannesburg and went to the Army in 1971.

Walker received his pilot’s wings in 1977 and flew for 7 Squadron, Rhodesian Air Force, before re-joining the South African Air Force in 1980.

As a flyer Alouette III helicopters based at AFB Ondangwa in 1981 he was awarded the Honoris Crux Gold for risking his life during a night operation in Angola, by turning on the lights of his helicopter to draw enemy fire away from another helicopter.

Arthur W. Walker passed away at 63 yrs old.