Aristide von Bienefeldt, Dutch writer, Died at 56


Aristide von Bienefeldt was born on October 24, 1959, and died on January 15, 2016.

He was a Dutch writer.

His first novel, ‘Bekentenissen van een Stamhouder’ (“Confessions of a Son and Heir”) was both praised and criticized by the Dutch and the Flemish press because of its explicit homosexual passages (“Unquestionably written by a master’s hand”, by Haarlems Dagblad, “His style is unbelievably good for a débutant”, Nederlands Dagblad, “A respectable publishing house wouldn’t have bothered to send this piece of trash back to its owner”, De Twentsche Courant, “It is a great pleasure to read Confessions, if it were only for the comical predictability that each man who crosses the protagonist’s path, ends up having sex with him”, NRC Handelsblad).

In 2003, von Bienefeldt’s second novel, called ‘Een beschaafde jongeman’ (“A Decent Young Man”), was published to a more split opinion: one critic spoke about the magnificent Aristide von Bienefeldt (“von Bienefeldt displays an immense talent for writing”, Haarlems Dagblad, May 2003 said, “another one wished him a slow and painful death, preferably as a result of AIDS” (HP/De Tijd, June 2003).

Leer mij Walter kennen, transfer to in English as “Tell Me All About Walter” by the author, was published in May 2007 by J.M. Meulenhoff, Amsterdam, followed by De zus die Anna Magnani niet was (“The Sister Who Was Not Anna Magnani”) in December 2010.

Mr.Von Bienefeldt terminated his collaboration with J.M. Meulenhoff in January 2011, as a result of a conflict of interest.

‘The adventures of my little red bottle’, which was a collection of 51 columns, was published in January 2014 (by kleine Uil editions), to be followed in October by his latest, highly autobiographic novel Another Paul Newman in the kitchen, Marmer uitgeverij (published under the pen name Rijk de Jong).

His next book due to come out called ‘Hotel Malinconia’, a small novel about the loss of imagination in our society (uitgeverij Marmer) will be published in February 2016.

Aristide von Bienefeldt passed away at 56 yrs old.